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Help Read Thoughts Amulet

Unsure of your best friend’s loyalty? Suspicious your significant other is cheating? Want to know what’s going on in the government? This amulet will aid you in reading their thoughts and exerting your influence on their decisions.

Pentagram of Solomon Amulet

Think your house is haunted? Been messing around with your spirit board and conjured up an evil entity? This amulet will keep you safe from evil spirits and curses. Can be used with smudges for a little extra oomph. Great idea if you’re considering breaking up with a voodoo priestess or witch doctor.

Hexagram of Solomon Amulet

This amulet will assist you in luring and binding spirits, making them your slave! Can be used in combination with a spirit board. Perfect gift idea for the witch in your life.

Money Cat Amulet

This cute little pendant will bring you good luck and fortune. Use with Money Drawing oil or Money incense to bring even more financial well-being.

Discover Treasures Amulet

This amulet will aid you in finding all manner of treasures and keeping them once they are yours.

Discover Hidden Secrets Amulet

Marked with the names of angels, this magical seal enables you to penetrate hidden and forbidden places that would normally be unseen.

Peace Goddess Amulet

The Goddess under Sun and Moon wards over us to help us discover serenity. It is inscribed on the back: “I seek the center of my soul for the peace that lies there in.”

Protection Cross Amulet

The Celtic knotwork which decorates this cross charges it to bring an extra level of protection in your life.

Make Lover Return

This Egyptian pendant has radiant forces calling your lover back.

Win Woman Most Desired

The Moon and Star in this pendant will guided the woman of your dreams to you.


This pendant imparts guidance and wisdom, peace and harmony into your life.

Summer’s Harvest Amulet

Invokes the powerful energies found in the Summer’s harvest, and brings that prosperity, revelry, and ease into your life throughout the year.

Eternal Love Amulet

Use this amulet to seek the aid of the Goddess in attaining your love, and forging a bond with them as tight and powerful as the knots within the amulet.

Shield of David Amulet

Representing the power and protection of God, the Shield of David, also known as the Star of David, is a powerful protection amulet.

Enchanted Life Amulet

This amulet is ritually charged to evoke a sense of enchantment in your life.

Seal of Mephistopheles

This seal is from the 6th and 7th books of Moses. It uses the power of Mephistopheles to overcome, conquer, and control our enemies while protecting you.

Kwan Yin Amulet

She observes the world and bestows compassion. This bodhisattva has been represented in male and female form. The feminine has become the standard over the centuries. This amulet will help you connect to her whenever help is needed.

The Seal of the Earth

Found in the 6th and 7th books of Moses, this amulet is intended to bring you supernatural aid and support from friendly gods.

Nightly Peace Amulet

This amulet is meant to serve as a connection with the nighttime spirits and the peace that can be found during the darkest hours of the night.

Bear Power Amulet

The symbol of introspection, vision, and strength, let the Bear teach you all there is to know about healing and dreams, guiding you toward a life in balance with your surroundings.

 Eternity Goddess Pendant

Bears the Spiral of Eternal Life.

Eternal Promise Amulet

This amulet is charged for use in spells and rituals that bind one or more persons to their promise.

Keep Lover at Home Pendant

This pendant will help keep your lover from straying.

Win Male or Female of Choice Amulet

This magical seal is intended to aid you in attracting and winning the heart of your special someone.

Control Evil Spirits Amulet

Intended to offer some measure of control over evil spirits, this amulet is meant to help protect your health and well-being.

Mage’s Hand Amulet

Present this amulet to your enemy to leave them incapable of acting against you, or otherwise use it in your spells and rituals to open up all doors that bar your path.

Seal of Schemhamphoras Amulet

From the 6th and 7th books of Moses, this potent seal is intended to help you attract money, customers, and great success in business.

Seal of Merbeulis

From the 6th and 7th books of Moses, this seal is viewed as a a seal of attraction and is for captivating and controlling those you encounter.

Travel Witch Talisman

This powerful amulet is intended to help your journey pass without worry by protecting and guiding you on our commute to work or wherever the spirits may lead you.

Lucifer Sigil

This amulet depicts the Astaroth’s Seal and the Latin inscription “dei nostri satanas. luciferi exelsi” which translates to “In the name of our god Satan, the almighty Lucifer”.

Goat Head 666

Representing the farthest reach and ideal of the left-hand path, this amulet signifies an embrace of personal responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions in this life.

Destroy All Evil Amulet

This magical sigil is designed to destroy all evil charms, energies, and curses that are directed your way and to help keep rebellious spirits at bay.

Pentagram Pocket Stone

Use this pocket stone as a focus in your meditations or ritual magic, focusing your energies and thoughts upon this powerful symbol of magic, mystery, and power.

Ankh Scarab Amulet

Combining the sacred symbol of an Ankh with that of a scarab and a pearl-like jewel, this amulet is a powerful symbol of life, death, and transformative energy.

Celtic Cross Amulet

Representing the four elements bound by the eternal divine, use this powerful symbol of faith as a focus to empower your magic, helping to harness the elements with your divine will and energy.


Depicting the image of Baphomet, this amulet can aid in invoking the god, as a masculine balance for the Goddess or as a power unto himself.

Inverted Pentagram

This amulet depicts an inverted pentagram with a detailed five-point goat head superimposed over the star.

Sabbatic Goat Head

Representing the farthest reach and ideal of the left-hand path, this amulet signifies an embrace of personal responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions in this life.

Honey of Love

Wear on your neck or carry it in your purse or pocket and see how the miraculous powers of the pendant will help you attract the person you love.

The Pentagram

A cosmic symbol representing the four corners of the Earth and the vault of the Heavens.