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 Welcome to Fantasy’s Vault!

This section highlights one-of-a-kind rare and valuable items that we have for sale at Fantasy. Many are from a private collection and each item pictured here is the actual item for sale. Please note that none of these items are generally on display at the store and if you are interested, you would need to make an appointment to view them.

It appears our buyer for the Poe letter has had a change of plans! If anyone finds themselves interested feel free to send an email otherwise this piece will be going to an auction house in NYC in September. *Note that this is a much more valuable piece than just any signature as it contains info regarding a historical feud. (Poe won!) This piece was purchased over 20 years ago from the same dealer who has provided most Poe pieces to museums and it is mounted and framed along with a rare daguerreotype of Poe. It is registered with the Poe Museum in Baltimore and has been shown at the Poe Museum in RVA. This letter will come with a copy of “The Poe Log” which documents Poe’s life on a daily basis in his final years, the letter is mentioned here as well.

Edgar Allan Poe Letter

This is an actual original letter written by Edgar Allan Poe to John Bisco. Poe was living in NYC and was involved in a literary feud at the time (he won!). Guaranteed authentic and fully documented, originally from the 19th Century Shop in Baltimore, which has supplied the bulk of Poe items found in museums. Nicely framed in museum-quality display with a DAGUERREOTYPE image of Poe. SERIOUS REQUESTS, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!


John Bolton

Signed from Interview with the Vampire comic adaptation. Very nicely matted and framed. Comes with the comic set and other prints, boxed.


Aleister Crowley

A sketch of Aleister Crowley that was used in one of his books. Signed by Crowley!


Joe Coleman

Cult artist, NYC. Silkscreen, artist proof, signed.


Clive Barker

Print, signed in person. Nicely framed.


Northern Exposure

Cast signed photo from show’s promoters. Framed.


James O’Barr

Signed and numbered. James O’Barr of The Crow, framed.


Stargate SG-1

Signed cast photo, from the show’s production company.


R. Crumb

Limited edition lamp, signed!


Roy Buchanan

Signed LP.


A Confederacy of Dunces

Written by John Kennedy Toole. Rare second edition.



Cast signed photo, from the production company.


Frank Frazetta

Limited and hand-signed print from the Ron Hubbard’s collection by Frank Frazetta.



Cast signed photo from the show’s production company. Nicely framed.


The Stratagem

Written by Aleister Crowley. First edition.



Deluxe edition signed by Greg Hildebrandt.


Frank Frazetta

This is an ORIGINAL sketch from Frank Frazetta’s student pad. Even the greatest started somewhere.


Tom Waits

Beautiful Maladies poster. Nicely matted and beautifully framed, this poster is from the vaults of Island Records.


The Chief

Handmade leather artwork piece. The face and most of this piece are made from leather. Any fur or skins were taken from animals that were already found deceased, no animals were injured or killed to make this piece. Glass eyes.