Fantasy is the Peninsula’s most eclectic rock and roll music and gift store. Started in July of 1985 in the King Flea on Jefferson Avenue, Fantasy was a 4 day-a-week flea market started by owner Mitch Kirsner to make extra money while working at the Newport News shipyard and part time at The Arcade News and Magazine store on Washington Avenue in downtown Newport News.

Items that were sold at the Flea Elite included old stock purchased from the Arcade and Mitch’s collection of LPs and comics. Goods purchased at local yard sales and auctions were sold as well, and an adult section with VHS tapes and magazines was added. (All adult items were discontinued in 1990). After a massive layoff at the shipyard, Fantasy became a full time endeavor. It should be noted that after 2 years Fantasy announced it was going out of business, however the sale was so successful that Fantasy has remained open for 28 years longer than planned and the lesson I learned about low pricing is still in effect today.

30 years and 2 moves later, Fantasy has become a small department store featuring over 1,000 music and gift items “From the Unique to the Bizarre.” The owner, Mitch Kirsner has partnered with the local music scene many times to film and promote local bands and has posted well over 2,000 videos he has filmed personally at local clubs and venues. Both local and national acts have performed at Fantasy, and our youtube channel has over 6.5 million views.

Fantasy specializes in Independent music including, alternative, punk, metal, jazz, and blues, as well as local artists, and a variety of merchandise you won’t find at the mall! Tarot cards, New Age gemstones and jewelry, tapestries, t-shirts, posters, smoking accessories including e-cigarettes and vaporizers, incense, oils, and clothing help to make shopping at Fantasy a local tradition. As we continue, Fantasy vows to keep it interesting and keep our prices low!